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Without know-how you don't have a project.

Without experience you have only mediocre projects​.

black and white photograph of a root

Est Asian medicine attributes to food medicinal properties. For centuries the Chinese analyzed the properties of all earthly edible substances and their effects on the human body. They catalogued these substances and set a precise system of infinite combinations to promote healing and good health.


Est Asian medicine treats the cause of illness. It does not aim to suppress the effects of illness as does Western medicine. The root of an illness is different for each individual, and it varies from time to time. The cause of a cold you caught this year might be different from the one you had last year. Therefore, in Est Asian medicine a treatment will be prescribed only after a careful observation of your body symptoms; face, eye and tongue color; hair texture; pulse rate; voice strength; and also take into account the weather you’re exposed to; the food you ate or you feel or don’t feel like eating; your sex life, daily habits, and many other aspects.


Proper nutrition prevents illness and food can cure you. It is a simple principle to understand, but most people are not aware of it. In Western society food is considered mainly a pleasure, rarely a source of nutrition, never a medicine. This tremendous lack of consciousness of the true value that food holds in our lives allowed a lethal degeneration in its quality. Over the past 50 years, food has been corrupted, deprived of its natural properties, counterfeited. With the invention of GMO, or engineered food, human health has been jeopardized.


Food has the power to support and increase your health but can also be the cause of your illness.


On this matter I have been researching and educating myself for over twenty-five years. I have helped family members, friends and patients to open their eyes to understand the meaning of proper nutrition and food sources. My first recommendation is to eat in season, buy local, and to avoid ready-to eat food. These are a few simple steps to help yourself to a healthier life. Be conscious and be aware.

If you feel you are in need of guidance, if you have been struggling loosing weight, if you always feel bloated after meals, if you constantly suffer from acid re-flux or have any other nutrition related issue, please contact me and I will work together with you to achieve your goals. Ultimately I will lead you to a healthier and permanent life path.

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