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also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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Acupuncture is a medical practice that has been used for the past 3,000 years mainly in Asia, and is part of the broader medical system of East Asian medicine. Used for over 100 years in the Western world, it consists of the insertion of stainless steel or gold-plated filiform needles into the body. The metal needles function as an energy conductor: they gather atmospheric energy and re-direct it inside the body to restore balance. This action is similar to that of lighting rods that capture atmospheric energy and redistribute it into the ground in order to maintain your home safe and healthy. A skilled East Asian medicine doctor is able to correct the flow of energy inside the body with the use of filiform needles.

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine, aka Internal medicine, is collective knowledge about the therapeutic properties of natural substance used for healing. Over the centuries doctors have studied, tested, and recorded in a Materia Medica thousands of edibles available in nature: roots, flowers, barks, minerals, resins, leaves, fruits, fruit peels, seeds, seaweed, and so on. Each element was catalogued according to its properties and efficacy; and eventually substances were combined and experimented together with the aim to create so-called “classical formulas.” The use of Internal medicine is highly effective to treat body imbalances because formulas are crafted according to individual patient's, and not a rat’s responses. Today doctors of East Asian medicine use thousands of classical formulas and newly developed ones to fight contemporary diseases.

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Cupping therapy consists of the use of glass or bamboo jars applied to the surface of the skin. The classical method requires heating the inside of the jar before applying it to the skin, which allows the heat to cause a localized negative pressure, or suction, on the areas of pain. Today for convenience plastic jars are often preferred and suction is obtained by attaching a pump to the cup. Cupping therapy has the function of warming and promoting the free flow of energy and blood in the body, dispelling cold, draining swelling, and diminishing pain. It is mostly appropriate for muscular-skeletal conditions but also for the early stage of colds and flu. Cupping therapy is not suitable for people with hemophilia, liver diseases, weak constitution, sensitive skin, excessive pigmentation, or the presence of raised moles. 

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In the classical medical texts it is said that if a disease cannot be treated by acupuncture, it may be treated by moxibustion. This important modality consists of the use of Artemisia Vulgaris, a plant (the best quality is grown in Qizhou, China) that is dried and compressed into cones, rolls, or a loose wooly textured substance. When burned, it penetrates into the body to expel cold, promote smooth blood flow, and strengthen overall body energy. Today it is often used for female infertility caused by accumulation of cold in the uterus. It is also very effective for arthritis, general body pain, and swelling. It is contraindicated in patients with internal heat. A doctor of East Asian medicine can use several different techniques according to a patient's needs. 

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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition and lifestyle are the core of our health. Nutrition is the number one aspect of our life that guarantees health or causes illness. In the classic medical texts one reads: “First treat a patient with nutrition; if that does not work then use acupuncture; if acupuncture does not work, then use internal medicine.” The medicated diet is a fundamental aspect of East Asian medicine and it focuses on selecting nutrients that are appropriate for a patient's specific constitution. With easy adjustments to one's daily routines and food intake, a patient's overall health will improve dramatically: energy increase, no bloating, heaviness, and tiredness after meals, and ultimately ability to eliminate excess weight. 

If you wish to know more about nutrition and how can we work together, please click here

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